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Gouripur Govt. College, a higher educational institution of the north-east of the district of Mymensingh was established on 1st august in 1964. Subsequently, it came under the umbrella of the University of Dhaka as a complete Degree College in 1970.This ancient academic institution of this region, lying in an old Zamindar house of Surendra Prasad Lahiri with fascinating ambience, is located at the bank of the river named ‘Balua’ in krishnapur village of Gouripur purosova. After the abolition of zamindari system, Md.Jamir Uddin, a local inhabitant, bought the old zamindar house on bid. As he was enthusiastic to education and a philanthropic, being informed of the establishment of a college, he handed over the land to the concerned authority dreaming of a college going to be established soon in which thousands of students of his locality and from the further locality can receive education. Misbah Uddin Ahmed,  A.F.M Mazharul Haq also played a
 tremendous role in the establishment of this college. Having been nationalized on 25th  April in 1991 this college is now conducting graduation  Honours course in six subjects Bengali, Social Work, Political Science, Psychology, Accounting, Management  along with Degree course and H.S.C within its territory of a scenic beauty. Mentionable, Doctor Captain (Retd.) Mujibur Rahman Fakir M.P existing , former minister of state for Health and Family Welfare, inaugurated graduation Honours course under the supervision of Md. Habibullah, erstwhile acting principal, on 27th February in 2012.

This college comprising approximately 21 acres of land with six ponds, a mosque, a large play-ground now appears to be a promising and uprising echelon of academic excellence.


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